The J.D. Williams Group was conceived in the summer of 1985.  Reagan was president.  Marty McFly took us all Back to the Future, and Madonna was like a virgin.  I was 5 years old.

It was an ideal summer and I remember it well because that was the year my father’s pride and joy arrived.  No, not my little brother Matt, but my father’s brand new, souped up Cub Cadet riding lawn mower.  Our yard was my father’s canvas and he meticulously practiced his craft, always with me in tow.   Afternoons, evenings and weekends my father imparted the art of mowing to me.  I was an attentive student.  And one day it was my turn.  

I was still too small to reach the pedal and turn the key at the same time so my father would have to start the mower for me.  But once it was on, I was off and I never looked back.  It was an unceremonious graduation.  Somewhere along the way I had earned the responsibility of cutting the grass.  The 1.25 acre expanse of lawn had become my domain.  Yet it was never a chore; I loved it.  So much so, I wouldn’t allow anyone else to partake.  I became even more meticulous than my father.  The neighbors took notice and not long after I was taking care of their lawns.  By the time I was six years old I had found my niche.  

I have three children of my own now and long before they could walk I took them out to mow with me.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever relinquish the duty.  I’m not sure if my wife will allow them to be subjected to my landscaping neurosis and exacting procedures.  But I do know that every time I smell that first cut in the spring I am taken back in time.  And when I do look back, I can’t help but appreciate just how far we’ve come.  The history of the J.D. Williams Group sounds a lot like a really good country song.  What began as a beloved childhood pastime evolved into a young man’s dream for the future.  I graduated from college and sold my prized mustang for a truck and a trailer.  Back in the day, it was just me, from sun up to sun down with my truck, my trailer and of course my dog (there always has to be a dog).  I still have that truck and that dog.  But as the business grew I acquired several more trucks, a lot more equipment, and surrounded myself with an outstanding team of professionals that are incredibly committed to the work we do.  Our people and our dedication to service is what sets us apart from all of the rest.  

It is my name on the side of every truck and it is my personal cell phone number that I still give to each of my clients.  I have never believed in something as much as I believe in this company.  Landscaping has never been a chore; it has always been my passion.  I love what I do.